Julie's Dessert Nachos Recipe

  • Julie's Dessert Nachos Recipe

I’ve been dreaming of this recipe for a very, very long time. It’s inspired by a local Italian restaurants dessert nachos. I was dying to recreate them at home except it never happened. You know how that goes right?

Good intentions sometimes never happen. Don’t you hate how that goes?

When Mission sent me a package of their brand new Super Soft Tortillas I knew it was meant to be. I made it happen.

Plus these tortillas are a dream to work with. They weren’t lying when they said super soft. Th

Julie's Dessert Nachos Recipe

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3/4    cup    sugar
4    teaspoons    ground cinnamon
8    flour tortilla ( Mission Super Soft Fajita Tortillas )
6    tablespoons    butter ( melted )
8    teaspoons    cinnamon sugar
1    cup    strawberries ( chopped )
1    banana ( sliced )
1    cup    ice cream
2    tablespoons    chocolate syrup
2    tablespoons    caramel topping



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