Skylander Birthday Cake

  • Skylander Birthday Cake
  • Skylander Birthday Cake
  • Skylander Birthday Cake
  • Skylander Birthday Cake

A Special Cake for a Birthday Boy!! Skylander themed cakes are becoming more popular. I made this cake for my son's 6th birthday and he LOVED it!!

Skylander Birthday Cake

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3 package(s) vanilla cake mix ( I used 2 vanilla & 1 chocolate (Boxed Cake Mixe) )
2 vanilla frosting ( 340g. cans )
1 frosting ( yellow frosting tube )


Food Coloring ; Yellow, Blue
Decorations: Colored Sugar; Blue, Yellow. Gold Chocolate Coins, Fish Shaped Candies, Candy Bracelets,
1 unbroken Skore bar, 2 long wooden skewers, and 2 pieces of paper for the sails.

A) Mix together vanilla cake mixes, pour into a 12x14 rectangular baking pan. Bake according to boxed directions.Bake chocolate cake in a deep loaf pan according to box instructions.

1) Place the cooled vanilla cake on a cookie sheet covered in tinfoil, cover the whole cake with a very thin layer of vanilla frosting. Refrigerate for 10 minutes to harden icing.
2) Place cooled chocolate cake on cutting board and cut off the 4 corners, forming almost a diamond shape, from a birds eye view.
3) Mix 1 can vanilla frosting with blue food colouring, and half of the other with yellow food colouring.
4) Remove vanilla cake from fridge, cover evenly with blue frosting, fish candies & blue sugar, EXCEPT for a small corner, where u will cover with yellow frosting, and yellow sugar, refrigerate for 15-20 minutes until frosting hardens a little.
5) Place the chocolate boat shape and place on one end of the vanilla cake, place 2 of the corners you cut on either end of the boat. ( corners up) Cover chocolate cake with chocolate icing.
6) Outline boat with small tube of yellow icing, add any other decorations you have. Add paper sails.
(With the 2 remaining corners of the chocolate cake, I put a small treasure chest filled with stuff on the island)
7) Open Skylanders and place them throughout the cake.

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