Freezer Meal

All Day Pie


So this has to be THE most comforting pie ever!! Its great if you want a meal to feed many without spending too much money. Im pretty sure you could freeze it as well. Its pretty much an all day breakfast made into a pie. The great thing is, is that you can change and adapt ingrediants to suit you. Dont be scared to have a play around with things!

(ingrediants vary depending on how many people you're doing it for)

For the filling:

5x Sausages (cooked and chopped into bite sized pieces)
5x rashers of bacon (chopped into bitesized pieces)
2x cups of sliced mushrooms
2 x cups of chopped spinach
2x cups of beans (1-2 cans)
1/4 cup brown sauce

For the mash:

3x large potatoes
2x tbl mustard
knob of l butter
2x tbl of ground parsley
2 x cups of greated cheese
first of all pre heat oven to 200 degrees. Peel and cut up your potatoes as if you were going to make mash. Once your potatoes have cooked, strain and mash as normal. Once mashed, add the butter, parsley and mustared along with 1/2 cup of the cheese. mix together with a fork, and leave to cool completly! (can place in fridge for a few mins ) Whilst the mash is cooling... Place sauages onto a tray and cook in the oven for half of the recomended time on the packet. Then place your chopped bacon into a large saucepan, along with the mushrooms and cook on a low heat for about 4-5 mins or until the bacon is cooked, then turn off. get sausages out of the oven, (turn oven down to 180) and carefully chop into bite sized peieces and add to the saucepan. turn the saucepan back on, and add the spinach until it wilts. once it has wilted, add the beans and the brown sauce and stir untill everything is hot. season to your taste with salt and pepper. Place the contence into a dish that you would normally use for a shepards pie. get your mash out of the fridge... now, you can either be a little bit fancier then me and use a piping bag and swirl the mash onto the pie, or just slap it on like it did for a more rustic look :) once the mash is on top and your happy with the look, cover it in the remaining cheese.. place the whole thing in the over for 15-20 mins at 180 degrees or untill the cheese starts to go golden and bubbly. Then you should have the most comforting meal ever - this is a once a month treat for us, normally on a saturday evening. you can also make it in batches and then freeze - i use the little foil containers, and then stick them in the oven once defrosted for 20 mins - just dont add the cheese on top if your going to freeze it. save that for the day of cooking :)


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