Klin is a typical Rhodopean dish which is deliciously warming and a filling staple. Proof that the simple things in life are sometimes the best, klin is cheap to make, and can be eaten as a main supper dish or an accompaniment. It’s basically a type of rice pie, but don’t be put off -it tastes much better than it sounds! Klin is scrumptious served hot, especially when the cold weather sets in, with Bulgarian yoghurt served on the side - but it can also be eaten cold, during a summer barbecue or

(either shop-bought filo, or make your own using flour, water, and a
dessert spoonful of olive oil: knead and roll it out very thinly into a
large circle)
200g butter
600g cooked rice
4 eggs
Salt (to taste)
200g ‘sirene’ cheese. (feta or similar will do just as well)
Nettles (dried or fresh) or spinach (optional
Place the thin pastry casing (around 1mm thick) into a wide shallow pan that has been very generously buttered. The pastry should overlap the edges, preferably enough for you to use only one pastry sheet as the casing (but you can ‘patchwork’ it if necessary). The diameter of the pan must be no wider than the diameter of the hob heating it. Mix together the rice, crumbled cheese and eggs. Add salt (not too much as the white cheese is fairly salty already). You can make it plain, or add spinach as suggested, nettles (soak first for about a minute if using fresh, and make sure you are using young plants) or just about anything else you fancy. Place the filling into the pastry case and flatten it down. It should be between 1 and 2cm deep. Fold the pastry over to make it into a parcel. Cook on a low heat for around 20 minutes. From time to time, gently insert small pieces of butter between the sides of the dish and the pastry. Keep shaking the pan gently to ensure the pastry base is not sticking to the bottom. Carefully slide the klin onto a plate. Butter the pan again - generously. Place small butter knobs on the top of the klin too. Place the pan upside-down on top of the plate, and flip the whole thing over so that the klin lands in the pan, the other way up. Cook the other side. This normally takes another 20 minutes or so, when the pastry should look a beautiful golden colour. Alternatively you can cook klin in the oven, turning it over halfway through, as above. It really is as easy as that: simple but delicious!


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