Cornflakes Laddu

Cornflakes, Cashews, raisins, Condensed Milk / Milk, sugar, Ghee, Grated Coconut
1. Take 2 cups of cornflakes and add 2 spoons of sugar to it. 2. Grind them in Mixer grinder, but not too fine. 3. Add Luke warm milk /condensed milk and grated coconut to the crushed cornflakes 4. Heat ghee in pan and fry cashews and raisins 5. Add the cashews and raisins to the mixture and roll them to laddu and serve

This Broccoli Salad with Bacon and Cheese is one of the best easy salad recipes. It's perfect for summer parties.

Broccoli and Cheese Salad with Bacon is one of those popular salads that always get devoured and the potlucks or family picnics. It has a satisfying crunch that is so amazing with cheese and bacon, it is always a hit.