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Crunchy Salmon Cakes


**I ALWAYS remove the bones and skin**. The tiny little bones that run throughout the can of salmon are just way too hard to get to (you won't really bite into them when you cook it, they either dissolve or just don't really crunch when you eat em) , but down the length of the can I think towards the middle runs the vetebrae. You can kinda "roll" the salmon off and you will find them. The skin will kinda just slide off, it's very slimy.

1 -14.75 oz can of salmon
2 eggs
10 -12 crackers crushed; (either town house, ritz or some other buttery cracker)
1 TBL red pepper flakes; (about the size of a quarter in your palm)
1/2 TBL dried parsley
juice of small lime; (or two squirts from bottle)
1/2 TBL dill; (or size of a nickle in your palm)
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/2 TBL dried minced onion
1/4 cup panko bread crumbs
3 TBL Canola Oil
2 TBL butter
1. Place your Panko in a shallow dish 2. MIX all others for the cake in a bowl with your hands until they will form a patty. If they are too mushy add a few more crushed crackers, too dry a little more lime juice. 3. Place the patties in the panko and coat both sides. 4. Get oil and the butter hot in pan (turn down slightly when you put in the patties because you don't want them to burn before they cook) 5. After they have cooked on one side take your spatula and carefully lift up one side to see if they are brown underneath, if they are, then flip em'. Cook till both sides are golden brown


1% DV

11% DV

8% DV

7% DV

3% DV

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