Garbled New York Cheesecake


Details: count 30min of preparation, 1h of cooking, 1h of rest, and 12h of passage in the fridge. And it is absolutely imperative that you have a mold to hinge which allows a demolding ultra-easy cheesecake. It seems to me inconceivable to make a beautiful cheesecake without a mold to hinges. If you do not have one, there are very good on which are not of any ladies. I show you mine:

- 750 Grams of cheese type saint-moret or Philadelphia
- 20 cl of thick cream
- 160 grams of sugar
- 2 tablespoons flour
- a beautiful teaspoon vanilla liquid or powder
- 3 whole eggs 2 yellow
- 200 grams of shortbread cookies (Digestive, speculoos, Small butters)
- 80 grams of butter
1st step: prechaufferle oven to 180OC. have my biscuits in a freezing bag that close with a node. With a roller to pastry or a ricer, crush the biscuits in order to obtain a sort of coarse bread crumbs. Attention, do not use a mixer for this step because this would make a powder too fine and too doughy once cooked. In a bowl, pour the pieces of cake and sprinkle with 80 grams of melted butter. Mix well for that all biscuits has in permeate. Coat the bottom of my mold of this powder and attention IMPORTANT: tamp down well either to the fork, either by hand, the pulp at the bottom of the mold. It is well the compress for that it takes as bottom of the tart. bake 15 minutes. 2nd step: In a very large bowl, have my cheese. stirred very well with a wooden spoon to smooth out the cheese and make it more flexible. Add the sugar, and mix.Add the eggs ONE BY ONE! And mix between each addition. finish by adding the cream and vanilla extract. You will get a camera very smooth and without lumps if you have followed the steps. slide out the dough for biscuits from the oven and add on top this mixture of cheese and fresh cream. And bake for 15 minutes at 200 degrees. At the end of 15 minutes,to lower the temperature to 100 degrees and count 1h of cooking. At the end of this hour of cooking,made open the oven door, and leave the cake inside it so that it cools down gradually with the oven. After an hour, I spent in the fridge for minimum 12h. A cheesecake is prepared the day before, and sometimes, it is much better the day after! It keeps very well if the cold chain is not broken.


6% DV

18% DV

14% DV

9% DV

15% DV