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Homemade Turkey Stuffing


Try this turkey stuffing recipe for Thanksgiving dinner. This stuffing recipe has evolved from an old version in Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. Using dried French or Italian bread adds weight to the stuffing. There are no fancy ingredients in this recipe. This NOT a diet dish! It is classic comfort food at its best!

3 – 4 loaves French or Italian bread (Cut into cubes and dried)
One Medium Onion
Several stalks celery
One stick butter or margarine
1 tsp Salt
½ tsp Pepper
2 – 4 tsp sage (To taste)
2 cups Chicken Broth (This varies according to bread dryness and volume.)
A couple days prior to making this recipe, cut bread into one inch cubes. Place on cookie sheet and dry in oven on low heat, or cover and set out to dry on counter. When ready to assemble stuffing, dice onion and celery. (This can be done ahead and stored in food storage bag overnight.) Cook vegetables in butter until tender. Add salt, pepper, and sage. Place bread in large bowl. Sprinkle additional sage over bread, if desired. Drizzle vegetable mixture over bread and toss to combine. Pour chicken broth over bread mixture. Work with hands to ensure bread is moistened throughout. Dressing should stick together when squeezed into a ball. Water can be added if more liquid is needed. Stuff turkey and roast until interior temperature reaches 165°. This is a large recipe. Excess dressing can be baked in a casserole or crock pot. The crock pot method will maintain moisture and allow for pre-dinner sampling! Stuffing will have a dense texture. It really might stick to your ribs!


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