S'mores Cupcakes


Chewy chocolate cupcakes, marshmallow frosting...all the deliciousness of a s'mores, without the camping!

For the Cupcakes:
.5C butter, room temperature
1.25C Sugar
.5C unsweetened Cocoa Powder
.75C all-purpose flour
.5tsp baking powder
.25tsp baking soda
.25tsp salt
2 eggs
1tbsp vanilla
.5C milk (whole is better, but you can use any type)
.5C graham crackers, crushed.

For the Frosting:
8 Large Egg Whites
2C Sugar
.5tsp cream of tartar (if you don't have cream of tartar, you can actually substitue lemon juice!)
2tsp vanilla extract (I'd suggest using imitation, as to keep the frosting pure white)
Cupcakes: 1. Preheat the oven to 375. 2.With a kitchen mixer, beat the butter until softened and creamy, then add in the sugar and beat for about 3 minutes, or until the mixture is light and fluffy. 3. Add vanilla, then eggs, beating well after each addition, then allow to mix on low as you move on to the next step. 4. Sift the dry ingredients into one bowl, mixing well. 5. Slowly add the dry ingredients and milk, alternating, and finishing with the dry ingredients. 6. Set cupcake tins in a cupcake/muffin pan, and add a thin layer of crushed graham crackers. (This is optional, but I liked to have the feeling of a real s' know, with two layers of graham crackers) 7. Pour cupcake batter into cupcake tins, a little over 1/2 full. Sprinkle remaining crushed graham cracker on top of cupcakes, then bake for about 20-25 minutes. Insert toothpick into cupcakes, and remove if they come out clean. Allow cupcakes to cool while you make the frosting! Decorating: Using a piping bag, and whichever tip you desire, pipe the frosting onto the cupcakes. 2a. KITCHEN TORCH. Using a kitchen torch, lightly brown the frosting. Do this slowly, as not to burn the frosting. 2b. BROILER. Set your oven to broil at low. On a cookie sheet, slide the cupcakes onto the very top shelf of your oven. DO NOT CLOSE YOUR OVEN. You need to watch the cupcakes to make sure they don't burn. After about 30 seconds, you will see "smoke" start to come off the cupcakes. As long as it's not darkening, this is okay. After about another 30 seconds, you will see the frosting start to brown. Pivot your cookie sheet back and forth to get even toasting all along your cupcakes. **Tip. Do a couple at a time, because the unevenness of the broiler, it's hard to watch all of the cupcakes at once and get them all equally browned.** Garnish your cupcakes with a small Hershey's bar, or any type of chocolate piece.


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