Tropical Coconut Pie


Here I have made my own pastry case, using pecans for a wonderful added flavour, and the filling is creamy coconut with added pineapples. That was the majority of what everyone voted for so there you have it! You can of course swap the pecans pastry base for another flavour, or use a shop bought case. You can also omit the pineapples or add some other fruit. It's flexible enough for you to be able to do that. The star of the pie of course is the creamy coconut custard I have made. It is truly a

The Base
170g / 6 oz Shortcrust pastry (there is a link to make your own pastry on my website)
Also in the shortcrust pastry is 2 Tablespoons of ground pecans & 2 Tablespoons of regular sugar. Add those when you add the flour.
You can also use a ready baked 8 inch pie crust, but of course it won't have the pecan flavour in it!

For the coconut custard:
You need a total of 550 ml ( 2 1/2 cups) of custard / Jell - O pudding.
You can use EITHER Bird's custard (use 2 tablespoons of custard powder & 2 tablespoons sugar)
OR 5 half cup servings of Jello Cook & Serve vanilla flavour

The remaining ingredients for the filling
4oz / 125 g Cream Cheese
7 fl oz / 200 ml Whipping Cream half of this amount is also for the topping & 3 Teaspoons powdered sugar.
200 g / 1 cup chopped pineapple (optional)
Some toasted coconut for the topping
The Pastry 1. Put the oven on to 180C, 375F,Gas 5 (please note I have lowered the cook time to get this pastry case as crisp as a cookie without burning it) 2. Make your shortcrust pastry. Click here for...
See the full directions on my site


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