Valentine's Day White Chocolate Popcorn


I always thought of Valentine’s Day as a holiday to celebrate with my husband, but as we’ve had kids it has only become more fun! My kids love helping me make Valentine’s Day treats and this popcorn is perfect to make with little helpers.

3 (2.75 ounce) bags popped kettle corn
4 cups Private Selection White Chocolate Chips ( divided )
2 cups Valentine\'s M&Ms or small Valentine\'s candy
Valentine\'s sprinkles
Red food coloring
Cover a baking sheet with wax paper. Pop kettle corn in microwave according to package directions and pour into a large bowl. Remove any unpopped kernels. Place 3 cups white chocolate chips in a bowl and ...
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2% DV

31% DV

9% DV

14% DV

3% DV

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