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Beef and chicken burger sliders, winter or summer


A great healthy burger is always a good idea to have on your menu. Bring summer into the winter months with a wonderful lean beef and chicken burger. Everyone would love to have a summer time picnic inside watching the snow or rain outside. Create a picnic for your children as a camp-out in the living room, maybe even pitch a tent, lite the fire place for roasting marshmallows for dessert or making S’mores. Using a lean beef and ground chicken with lots of spices is a great way to create a burg

Beef Chicken Cheese Burger w/Fried Egg on Toast
•½ lb. Ground lean beef
•½ lb. Ground chicken
•2 Tbsp. Panko bread crumbs
•Salt and pepper to taste
•½ tsp. Ms. Dash table blend seasoning
•½ tsp. Paprika
•¼ tsp. Smoked Paprika
•¼ tsp. Cayenne pepper
•1 egg yolk
•1 Tbsp. water
•1 Fried Egg per burger
•1 Slice American Cheese
Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, mix well with hands. Form patties about ¼ lb. each, pat into the size needed. Sliders should be made to the size a little bit large than the bun. These will shrink and puff up a little. Place on a hot skillet or grill, cook about 3 minutes on each side, remove and set aside. Prepare fixing and serve with chips or fries.


9% DV

33% DV

58% DV

4% DV

9% DV

The Easiest Twix Cookie Recipe


Today we’re making the easiest Twix cookie recipe. These are simple cake mix cookies that we’re going to turn into your new favorite treat.

Twix are a delicious chocolate bar candy. If you’ve never had one you are missing out. These Twix cookies are inspired by the tasty combo of flavors found in the iconic candy bar by the same name.

Twix cookies feature (like the candy bar) a cookie with caramel and then chocolate of course! You could sort of re-fabricate this recipe into actual Twix bars but it’s much easier to just dollop the caramel and the chocolate on top of the cookies!