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Conchiglioni Gamberi con Zucchini


When I think of this recipe, it really relaxes me. The combination of the land and the sea is a perfect description of this plate. Complimented with a soft white wine, this takes me right back to the pleasures of relaxing under a beach house in Umbria.

• 1 lb conchiglioni
• 3 zucchini cut in 1/2" medallions
• 2 oz garlic
• 4 oz olive oil
• 2 oz butter
• 20 large shrimp (16/20)
• 1 tspn black pepper
• 4 oz white wine
• 1 tspn oregano
• 6 oz cream
• 2 tblspn chopped parsley
• 2 oz parmigiano (optional)
• Cut the zucchini into 1/4" thick medallions • Put olive oil in skillet and sautee on medium heat with both sides of zuchinne • Bring a pot of salted water to boil for the pasta shells and when boiling add the shells to the water (about 7 minutes) • Remove zuchinni and set aside • Keep the oil in the skillet but turn the heat off and add the garlic and the shrimp • Turn heat back on and sautee the shrimp on both sides (about 3 minutes) • While sauteeing add butter and wine to deglaze the pan • Take shrimp out and set aside. In the skillet add black pepper, oregano and cream. After heating for a few minutes add the shrimp back. • Add the shells directly from the pot of water to the skillet and toss. • Plate pasta and sprinkle with parmigiano


65% DV

81% DV

51% DV

6% DV

19% DV

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