Main Dishes

Cottage Cheese in goose berry sauce


It is an Indian dish with slight touch of chineese

Cottage Cheese [250 grams ]
Hunged curd [2 table spoons ]
sesame [1 tea spoon ]
Fennel seeds [1 table spoon ]
red chilli powder [1tea spoon ]
corn flour [1 table spoon ]
salt to taste
For sauce
Medium size goose berry [2 ]
sugar [3 table spoon ] oil to fry
red chilli powder 1 tea spoon ]
Pinch of cinamin powser
Ginger powder [1 tea spoon ]
Other ingriends
Sping onion 1 single piece
Brokely [pieces 2 ]
Corn flour [1 table spoon ]
salt if reqired
Keep cottage cheese in Fridge for some time Cut in to cubes grind fennel seeds and sesame together Mix cubes with curd ground seasmin and fennel red chilli powder corn flour and salt to taste Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes take a pan pour oil in it when oil is hot fry cottage cheese till golden brown Keep a side Making sauce Boil goose berry till soft remove the seed add sugar red chilli powder cinamin powder and ginger powder Grind adding little salt Sauce is ready chopp onions and Brokely Take a pan put some oil Put onions and brokely Saute it some time add goose berry sauce and mix well Put corn flour in half acup of water pour in it mix well Put some water and bring it to boil take a serving bowl pourthe cooked cottage cheese in it Garnish with seasmin and sring slices Serve hot with fried rice


119% DV

204% DV

344% DV

107% DV

85% DV

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