CranMerry Cookies


The combination and clash of Sweet, Chewy and Salty with a hint of Cranberry into a single cookie that will push your taste buds to a whole new level. Every bite of this cookie will change the way you think cookies should be made and how they should taste like. CranMerry cookies will bring lots of happiness one bite at a time.

1. Water 100g
2. Maltose 600g
3. Salt 1/2 spoon
4. Egg white 100g
5. Sugar 90g
6. Unsalted butter 120g
7. Dry Whole milk powder 170g
8. Dry shredded Cranberry 250g
9. Box of Ritz crackers.
Step #1 Place Water, Maltose and Salt into the Non Stick Pan. Note: If you have a propane stove, make sure the fire doesn\\\'t exceed the level of the Water level inside the pan. Electric Stove can be turned on to the maximum. Step #2 Place a digital thermometer into the pan and set the temperature to 133 degree C. Boil the Maltose and water until the mixture is complete and the temperature has been reached. Note: make sure to stir the maltose from time to time so it dissolve faster. Step #3 Place Egg White and Sugar in a mixing bowl and use a electric mixer to mix until Dry peak. Note: Electric mixer can be at maximum speed. Step #4 Place the unsalted butter in a ceramic bowl and place the bowl in a separate pan filled with water and boil until the butter dissolves. Step #5 When temperature reaches 133 degree C turn off the stove and pour in the Egg white for mixture with the maltose. Note: Use a wooden spatula to stir and mix until both ingredient is completely mixed up. Step #6 Once the mixture between Maltose and Egg White is complete, pour in the dissolved butter for mixture. Note: continue to stir and mix till mixture is complete. Step #7 Once butter is pour in, pour in the Dry Whole Milk powder right away for more mixture and stir. Note: make sure to take time for this mixture and make sure all the maltose is well mixed and dissolved. If you feel any hard surfaces, can turn on the stove and minimum heat to dissolve any maltose that was hardened. Step #8 Once the mixture with Dry Whole Milk Powder is complete, pour in the dry shredded Cranberry for the final mixture. Note: Mix the Cranberry until completely cover the entire filling. Step #9 When Mixture is done, prepare your non sticking mat on the counter and pour the filling out onto the mat Step #10 At this point, you should have a dough of cranberry filling cooling off on the non sticking mat and to make it more chewy I recommend you kneading into it till the filling doesn\\\'t stick and becomes smooth looking. Step #11 Once kneading is done, prepare the filling in nice small portions and prepare the Ritz cookies for placing the filling in. Step #12 The fillings should make a batch of 150-160 cookies. Step #13 Enjoy your cookies


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