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Creamy Italian Grilled Chicken


This is such a great dinner in the summer. Easy, made from stuff you probably already have. I never measure this anymore. I just eye ball it

4 chicken breasts; *see note*
1/2 cup mayo
liberal sprinkle of garlic powder
2 big squirts of your favorite Italian Salad Dressing
pinch of red pepper flake
**Note about chicken** I find that this works best for me, but you might use something else. I typically buy the already individually frozen chicken breasts at Walmart. I will take 3 out of the freezer and put in a 9x13 pan, mix up the ingredients for the marinade and spoon over the top of each breast, flip and coat other side as well. I will let the breasts sit out for an hour or two to somewhat thaw. When they have thawed a bit, I will use my sharpest knife and slice the breast through the middle *essentially making two thinner chicken breasts*. Flip and coat the breasts in the marinade. Stick in the fridge till you are ready to cook. I typically have a little marinade left over that I stick in the fridge with the chicken **ALWAYS use marinade that is fresh. NEVER use marinade that your raw food was sitting in to baste your food with as it cooks. I will get the grill screaming hot with the lid closed. Let some of the marinade drip off the breast before you slap them on the grill. I typically grill each side for 5 minutes. If you try to move/flip the breast and it won't pull off the grill LEAVE IT, it's not done. I always grill with the lid closed. It makes the best pieces of meat, perfect char-marks. I have a little Weber Q grill so I leave it on high when I'm cooking, that's just the way my grill works. Test out yours before putting it on high throughout the whole cooking time. Just before they are done, I will brush some more marinade on both sides.


9% DV

17% DV

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