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Fazzoletti with Lobster Claws


Lemoncello and lobster - what a way to relax during a summer vacation in Italy! I add fennel and lemon zest to this recipe giving it a very fresh flavor. The dish almost looks like a disorganized lasagna and must be approached with both a fork and a knife so that the sheets don't get away from you. Give it a whirl and if you can't find any lemoncello a Trebbiano will do!

• 1/2 bulb of fennel
• 1/2 diced onion
• 4oz liquid lobster base
• 1 pound cooked lobster
• 2 oz sweet sherry
• 2 pinches of black pepper
• 2 tbspn of butter
• 2 oz olive oil
• 1 clove garlic
•1 pint cream
• 3 tblspn chopped parsley
• zest of 1 small lemon
• 1/2 of red bell pepper
• Begin by bringing a skillet of water to boil - this will be used to cook the pasta sheets in • Use a grater and shave the skin off of a 1 small lemon and set aside • Use a zester and take zest clippings from 1 small lemon • Cut the red bell pepper into strips (remember to remove the white parts • Take the fennel sprigs from the fennel bulb and set aside • Take the half bulb of fennel and slice very thinly • In a skillet add the oil and butter and put on medium heat • Add the onion and chopped parsley • Add garlic, pepers, fennel and lightly sautee until soft (about 4 minutes) • Now sherry to the skillet and let evaporate for a couple minutes • At this point add the pasta sheets to the skillet water • To the skillet add the cream and heat to a point where you are seeing small bubbles • Add the lemon zest, black pepper and stir • Add the liquidfied lobster base to the skillet • Add the lobster chunks to the skillet and toss/stir • Add the fresh parsley • Remove the pan from the heat • Now remove the pasta sheets from the skillet and set in strainer • On your plate take a spoonful of sauce and spread along the plate • Add a layer of pasta and then add a large spoonful of sauce on top and spread • Repeat last step until you have used 3 layers of pasta • Finally garnish with the fennel feathers and the curly zest from the lemon


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