Healthy Lemon Curd Recipe


I am so excited to share what I just discovered! I wanted to make some more curd, since all the cranberry curd tarts I made last week are gone. I buy lemons in five pound bags at Costco so naturally I decided lemon curd would be on the menu! What I discovered when I was creating this healthy lemon curd recipe, was that curd is even easier to make than I thought! That’s right, you can skip the straining, the hurrying to do the steps in the right order and all that jazz! You can BLEND everything f

6 tablespoons butter- soft/room temperature
1/3rd cup honey- I measure mine with this liquids cup and I greased it with a little butter so I get an accurate measurement. This is a little tart, if you like things sweet increase to 1/2 cup.
2 large eggs
2 egg yokes
2/3 cup fresh lemon juice- this was 3-4 lemons for me. If you want a sweeter curd, you can try meyer lemons.
3 drops lemon essential oil
In your blender combine the butter, honey, eggs and egg yokes. Blend Pour in about 1/3rd of the lemon juice and blend. Pour in the rest plus the three drops lemon essential oil and blend until smooth. At...
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14% DV

29% DV

36% DV

199% DV

93% DV

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