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Indian BroadBeans(chikkudukaya) and Cauliflower curry


This one is my favorite simple curry which is delicious and tasty and quick to make.It is very famous in Andhra,so that any one can make this Chikkudukaya Cauliflower Curry very easily without any experiance on making this recipe.

Chikkudukaya chopped- 1 cup,
Cauliflower chopped- 1 cup,
Tomatoes -2(optional),
Onions – 1,
Green chillies-2 slit length wise,
Red chilli powder- 3 spoons,
Garlic and garlic paste- 1/2 spoon,
Salt- for taste,
Oil- 6 spoons,
Turmeric - 1pinch,
Curry leaves- 10,
Garam masala powder-1 teaspoon,
chopped coriander hand full
Boil the chopped Chikkudukaya and Cauliflower pieces separately in a pressure cooker for only one whistle and let it cool. Take pan pour oil and heat it. Add Green chillies and curry leaves and fry them. Now add chopped onions and little bit salt into it. Fry till the onion turn to golden red. Add ginger garlic paste and turmeric powder and fry for 30seconds. Add boiled Chikkudukaya and Cauliflower pieces and fry, by closing the can add small pieces of tomatos now and cook until tomato is cooked well, as tomato is optional you can add it now or with out tomato also the recipe is good. after they are fried and cooked well add red chili powder,salt and cook it by closing with lid. lastly add garam masala powder and chopped coriander and fry it for a few seconds. Chikkudukaya Cauliflower Curry is ready to taste, take this into serving bowl. Chikkudukaya Cauliflower Curry is really tasty if we eat with rice and roti.


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