Pappardelle alla Bolognese Reale


Your typical Bolognese dish contains ground beef and originated from Bologna. In this case, I created this recipe at the Grand Hotel in Rome without the use of ground beef. Rather, I used the flavorings of pancetta and beef stock and added some texture with the porcini mushroom. This turns into a very hardy but elegant dish, filled with a mixture of tastes and perfumes. Nutmeg is included in this sauce, in small quantities nutmeg is a stimulant and an aphrodisiac - amore amore! To get the

• 1 lb pappardelle
• 1/2 white onion diced
• 6 cloves garlic chopped
• 4 strips of pancetta sliced julienne
• 4 oz beef stock
• 1 tspn nutmeg
• 6 oz crushed tomatoes
• 4 oz red wine
• 1 tblspn black pepper
• 6 oz dry porcini reconstituted
• 2 oz butter
• 4 oz heavy cream
• 2 oz grated romano
• pinch of salt • 2 tblspn fresh parsley
• 2oz olive oil
Begin by bringing a pot of water to boil with a pinch of salt • Take your porcini and soak them in a cup of water • In a skillet place your olive oil, bacon, onions, and garlic and soften on medium • After a couple minutes add the red wine • Add butter • Simmer a few minutes until the red wine has a syrupy consistency • Add pappardelle to pot of water ( this will take about 6 minutes to cook) • At this point add porcini mushrooms and let cook for a couple minutes while stirring • Add cream, crushed tomatoes, nutmeg and stir for one minute • Add the beef stock and stir in • Add the black pepper • Keep on medium heat for a couple minutes until you see little bubbles popping, add romano to the sauce to tighten • Now, use your tongs to take the pappardelle from the pot of water and into the skillet • Toss in the skillet with tongs for a minute until all the pasta is covered with the sauce • Plate the pasta and garnish with fresh parsley and a sprinkle of romano


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