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Poor Man's Burnt Ends


When you think of Burnt ends you usually think of the traditional ones that come from the fat-marbled point of a whole packer brisket. Burnt ends are slowly smoked until they are nearly fall apart tender and then basted in an amazing homemade BBQ sauce. If you ask me, Burnt Ends are the best thing to come off a smoker! These Poor Mans Burnt Ends are a great recipe when you don't want to smoke an entire brisket. Instead, you use a roast and apply the same method. Fire up your Traeger and make these easy Burnt Ends today!

3 lbs chuck roast
1 beef rub
1 cup bbq sauce
1 1/2 tbsp brown sugar
1 1/2 tbsp honey

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This traditional German Christmas Stollen bread is a festive addition to your holiday celebration! The rich, buttery sweet bread is studded with a variety of dried fruits like cranberries, cherries and raisins, nuts, subtle notes of citrus, and plenty of warm spices. Finish it off with a blizzard of powdered sugar, grab a warm cup of coffee, and settle in for the ultimate cozy treat!

For the Fruit:
1 c raisins
1/3 c golden raisins
1/3 c sweetened dried cranberries
1/3 c dried cherries
3 T dark rum or orange juice
For the Sponge:
2 packets active dry yeast
1/4 c warm water
2/3 c whole milk
1 t honey
1 c all purpose flour
For the Dough:
1/3 c honey
1 egg
1/2 c salted butter
1 T lemon zest
1 t salt
1/2 t ground nutmeg
1/2 c chopped nuts
3-4 c all purpose flour
vegetable oil ( for coating the bowl )
For the Filling:
2 T salted butter
2 t ground cinnamon
3 T granulated sugar
For the Topping:
1/2 c confectioners sugar
2 loaves