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Frittata (I think this is how it is spelled)


I know this isn’t a traditional Christmas dish and that baby Jesus (the best Jesus) is probably rolling in his grave but let’s live dangerously for once in our lives. Life is long and hard, dick jokes withstanding, and we should spice it up occasionally. I know what you’re thinking “Zack”, you’re thinking, “Zack, frittatas are for communists and even worse it’s Italian and they don’t even celebrate Christmas.” Normally I would be inclined to agree with you, but Italians sometimes have good ideas

12 eggs you’re going to need eggs just put the idea out of your head that they are unborn chicken babies

Salt and pepper the 90s-female rap group to play in the background whist you cook your frittas
Salt and pepper the 1968 thriller action movie starring Peter Lawford as Christopher Pepper and Sammy Davis Jr. as Charles Salt
Salt and pepper the one that seasons and brings out flavor in dishes unlike the previous two

3/4 cup of some type of cheese I’m leaving this up to you it can be cheddar, parmesan, gorgonzola because it’s fun to say, brie if you are being fancy which we always are, blue if you’re a weird pervert, mozzarella if you’ve stopped caring, cottage if you don’t realize you are making a frittata, swiss if you are boring, or the cake verity if you’ve given up and want some cheesecake.
Pinch of hot sauce or cayenne because like I said before we are living dangerously
1 onion
1 potato baked or boiled make the decision for yourself
2 cups of Spinach if you’re healthy and you want everyone else to hate you
1 bell pepper (mostly filler)
1 spicy pepper such as poblano but it can be any you want depending how much you want to surprise people with your tolerance to pain
1 can of corn
2 tablespoon of thyme or more because we could always use more thyme. I’ve wasted so much thyme in my life I must admit I don’t know what I doing please help me.
2 tablespoon of basil
2 tablespoon of sage always put more herbs/spices in the dish than you think you need better yet just pour the whole thing in there it’ll sort itself out
Preheat oven to 375 or remove flame thrower from holster. Bake or boil potatoes at 375 until they can be pierced with your custom samurai katana or any other novelty sword you possess. Cut onion, bell...
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