Oven-Baked Vegan Nuggets


Looking for vegan nuggets to serve as a healthy breakfast recipe or afternoon snack for the kids? This baked veggie nugget is an excellent recipe for those who are following a strictly plant-based diet.

Nuggets are a classic. Both kids and adult's love them! This healthy recipe can be made days ahead. You can also freeze them for a longer shelf life.

Potatoes, yams, cauliflower, herbs, and spices are some of the other vegetables that you can use in this recipe. You can add your twist by combining your favorite vegetables. This is one way to get your kids to eat their vegetables.

No kids yet to eat this vegan dish? No worries! That's actually an opportunity to add bold flavors such as mushrooms and ground five-spice. You may want to create a delicious curry sauce or homemade barbecue sauce to partner with this light and baked recipe. If you're feeling decadent, try deep frying or pan frying these nuggets for more umami flavor. The air fryer would also be fun to try.

You can use these nuggets is so many ways. Add them to pita with hummus and slaw. Put them in a tortilla with salsa and fresh cheese. Or, just snack on them with dip.

3 oz sweet potatoes
4 oz broccoli head
1/2 cup frozen peas
1/2 cup frozen corn kernels
1/2 cup grated cheddar
1/2 cup Almond flour
2 cups vegan buttermilk
2 tsp salt
2 tsp ground black pepper
1 cup panko breadcrumbs
1/2 cup olive oil
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Line a baking tray with baking paper.
  3. Cook the sweet potatoes in boiling water for 15 minutes.
  4. Next, cook the broccoli in salted...

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