Pork Chilorio Tacos - La Piña en la Cocina

Pork chilorio tacos! Where have you been all my life? My favorite of the mild dry Mexican chiles, chile ancho, paired with fresh orange juice, vinegar and spices. It’s a win, win situation for me! The first time I experienced chilorio was one of chef Rick Bayless recipes. I love the idea of adding citrus of...Read More
Costillas al achiote translates to ribs in achiote. Achiote comes from the bright colored annatto seeds. Achiote has a mild earthy flavor and it’s distinct bright red color is unmistakable. Cochinita pibil and pork al pastor are just two of the popular Mexican recipes that come to mind when I think of achiote. And not...Read More
I celebrate Hispanic Heritage month by preparing simple dishes like this recipe for green chile beef and potato. Recipes, like this guisado, are passed down from generation to generation. The most memorable dishes are ones prepared with minimal ingredients. They are tried and true recipes that we prepare over and over again. Because of my...Read More
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