Fruit pancakes caramel sauce nice


Pancake is quite easy food to be served . Not only that , you know pancakes are also delicious eaten with a variety of toppings . If you want fresh and healthy just add toppings such as fruit and ice cream creations santi susilowati following Masterchef .

1 cup flour
1 cup milk
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
Half eggs
1/2 banana , roughly chopped

Caramel sauce :
4 tablespoons granulated sugar
sufficient water
1/2 tsp butter
salt to taste
Enough cooking cream

Complement :
Strawberry pieces
Kiwi slices
Vanilla ice cream
1 . Mix the flour and milk until blended . Add baking soda and baking powder into it , stir again . 2 . Put the eggs into it . After that , add 1/2 pieces of chopped banana into the batter . Stir well . 3 . Rest the dough a few minutes in order to inflate . 4 . Once inflated , heat a nonstick skillet , pour the pancake batter into it . Cook until done . 5 . Caramel sauce : Cook sugar and a little water in a skillet . Cook the sugar until it turns a brownish color and becomes caramel . After changing the color , lift and add butter caramel taste . Stir well . 6 . Add cream slowly cook in the caramel , stirring evenly . Add the cream until the mixture changes color so pale . Add a little salt and stir well . Refrigerate until thickened . 7 . Presentation : Arrange the pancakes on a plate , pour the caramel sauce , add cut fruits and ice cream on it .


9% DV

2% DV

7% DV

10% DV

6% DV

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