Homemade easy pizza recipe without microwave


This is a very easy recipe for everyday. I usually cook this for evening snacks or breakfast. Pizza is loved by all but only few try it at home as apart from those few the rests mostly donot have microwave and are having a notion that without microwave pizza can\\\'t be cooked.

1. 1 Pizza bread
2. 2 spn Pizza sauce.
3.1 spn Tomato puree
4.1 cup fresh vegetables.
5.salt to taste
6.origano pepper
The pizza bread is easily available in market but one can also knead dough and make a pizza bread,but when it comes to quick recipe I prefer the one bought from market. The same goes with the pizza sauce too. PREPARATION: Cut the vegetables in thin slices. I used onion, green capsicum and tomato. HERE ARE THE STEPS: 1.First take the pizza bread. 2.spread the pizza sauce and tomato puree on it. 3.spread the chopped vegetables. 4.sprinkle some salt,black pepper and origano. 5. Add cheese. ( I used a large portion ????) 6. Now comes the trick, take a fry pan and keep it on low flame place the ready pizza on it and cover the lid. You can sprinkle some oil (preferable olive oil ) or some flour dust on the pan before keepint the pizza, so that it does not gets stuck and ruin your breakfast. 7.wait for 2 to 3 mins and open the lid ,you will see magic. melted haven. You can also add cottage cheese or chicken or meat of your own choice. IF USING MICROWAVE: Use microwave instead of frypan. Just place the ready pizza on mirowave plate and heat 3 mins.


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