Healthier Chocolate Silk Pie

This vegan, gluten and dairy-free pie has all the smooth, creamy, chocolatey-ness of traditional pie, but you'll never guess the secret indredient! After many healthy Pinterest fails, I was skeptical to try this (and I'm not a tofu fan to begin with). But once I tasted it, I had to agree that you can't tell a difference! The tofu adds a creamy base but surprisingly doesn't taste "healthy" at all! It's also more filling and satisfying with the extra protein, and great for diabetic/low-carb diets!

1 16oz package tofu
1 bag chocolate chips
1 tsp vanilla
20-25 crushed gluten free chocolate cookies (I used a gluten free oreo type cookie)
4 tbsp butter
Crush cookies and mix with butter (I used melted the butter first). Press into a buttered glass pie pan for the crust (I used a fork to press it down). For the filling, puree the tofu with the vanilla in a blender until smooth and creamy. I ended up including most of the liquid in the tofu package in order to get the tofu to be able to move in the blender. Melt chocolate chips. Gradually add the melted chocolate (don’t pour it all in at once); at this point I switched to a mixing bowl and beaters. Refrigerate. Serve in small slices; it is pretty rich and more filling than most dessert because of increased protein and nutritional content :)


491% DV

129% DV

90% DV

294% DV

95% DV

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