ikan bengalan kukus


Lunar one dish that must exist on the 7 Chinese New Year dishes, fish is a team / broiled, steamed using soy sauce. we use the usual place of river fish, this recipe is suitable for fish and fish bengalan tengadak, it could be another fish to taste. in this recipe using fish bengalan.

bengalan fish, cleaned the scales, gills and dispose of the contents perutnya2 kg
Pepper (Pepper) 12 seeds
Putih1 onion cloves
Onions, sliced ??fruit kasar1
Red tomatoes, sliced ??fruit kasar2
Salty soy sauce, soy sauce bat / goat, otherwise there could tiongkok5 tablespoon soy sauce
Tiram3 tablespoon sauce
maggi3 tablespoons liquid seasoning
Kaffir Limes, 8 pieces to eliminate the fishy fish after cleaning dr scales, etc.. 2 pieces to be mixed in spices
Step 1 How to cook steamed fish bengalan ( Imlek ) 1 . clean the fish , remove the scales and entrails , be careful when throwing his guts not to rupture because the bile of fish meat will taste bitter overall , reduce sweet taste in fish flesh , fish become uneasy . besides that fish gills are also discarded . do not forget the whole body of the fish were given a smooth neat incision to facilitate the absorption of seasoning . Step 2 2 . to eliminate the fishy fish , coat fish with lemon juice limo , or lemon juice, let stand a few minutes , then washed the fish , so the fish ditirriskan lost . Step 3 3 . pepper puree , garlic , salt and seasoning , soy sauce plus a goat stamp , or stamp bat , oyster sauce , liquid seasoning maggie , plus 2 fruit juice lemon juice / lime / limo . 4 . peeled onions , sliced ??into rings , or to taste , sliced ??tomatoes too . Step 4 4 . coat fish with spices ( pepper , garlic , soy sauce , etc. ) , outside and in the belly of the fish , put it in the dish stainlesstell , tarud sliced ??tomatoes and onions in the belly of the fish and the outside of the fish Step 5 How to cook steamed fish bengalan ( Imlek ) 5 . prepare a steamer for steaming added water in it , steamed fish after the boiler is heated first. cook for 2 hours , so that the fish cooked evenly and soft bones , and fishy fish lost . Step 6 sy to use soy sauce, soy sauce production , Pontianak , cap bat or a goat , because of its savory soy sauce , there is a slight sweetness , thick , and quickly absorbed and gives color to the fish sauce / meat . but depends on taste , want to use soy sauce can be replaced ... what else if not, for example, Chinese soy sauce can be found at the supermarket


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