Kiwi Banana Ice with Blueberry

This dish is inspired by the sticker that I found on the kiwi – “New Zealand.” I dedicate this dessert to New Zealand's "national bird" kiwi, which is on the verge of extinction. I used Rosemary to imitate Silver Fern, which is also the national symbol of New Zealand.

1 kiwifruit, yellow or green
2 oz. fresh rosemary
1 banana
1 blueberry
1 beetroot stem or 1 strip red pepper
1 tablespoon flax meal
Cut the kiwi in half. Save one half with skin on. Peel the other half and cut into slices. (Optional: You can take one slice and use a cookie cutter to cut out a nice shape for garnish.) Cut the beetroot stem into two halves. Use one for beak, and cut the other half into two segments for the feet. Make a cut at the end of each of these shorter segments, then fold them out into two opposite directions. Prepare a white or light-colored plate. Cut a hole near the smaller end of the kiwi half that still has the skin on. Put the blueberry into the hole to make the eye. (You can also use any small round fruit, such as purple grape.) Assemble the “kiwi bird” by putting the kiwi half with skin on the plate, skin side up, then position the beetroot stem segments properly to make the beak and feet. (Optional: Cut off a small piece of flesh near the end of the kiwi half, to create a hole where the beak can be tucked in.) Tuck the rosemary leaves under “kiwi bird.” If you prepared a kiwi slice for garnish in previous steps, you can use it now. Peel the banana and cut into few chunks. Blend banana chunks, kiwi slices and flax meal in a blender. Freeze for one hour, take out, blend again, and put under the “kiwi bird.” Now you have a picture of kiwi bird searching for food in the earth. Note: I suggest making the banana ice first, so you can use the time it takes to set the banana ice to work on the rest of the procedure. If you don’t want to wait for the banana ice for too long, it’s okay. It will just be more like a sauce rather than ice.


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Fish Baja Tacos {15 Minutes!}


Baja Fish Tacos are tortilla shells stuffed with fish and topped with pico de gallo and the perfect cilantro ranch dressing. This taco is an explosion of flavor.

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Fish Baja Tacos are a quick and easy dinner that is packed with fresh flavor. Tender white fish with a flavorful sauce is a soft tortilla.