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Chinese Fried Mustard Greens with Dried Tofu


This is one of my family's veggielicious works that are light but mouth watering. (See "related recipes" at the bottom of the page for more veggielicious dishes from us!) The appetizing trick is the crisp taste and "aroma of frying" from the typical Asian cuisine of quick frying. This dish goes very well will rice and wheat staples.

10 oz. mustard greens
4 oz. smoked dried tofu
2 red chili peppers
2 cloves garlic
1/2 tsp. soy sauce (dark)
To taste salt
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
Chop the mustard greens into 1" pieces. If using the variety with thick stem, for the stem part chop into 1" pieces and then slice. Cut the smoked dried tofu into slices of 1/4" thickness. Slice the garlic and chop the chili peppers. Heat the oil in a pan, and saute the garlic and chili pepper until their aroma arises. Add the mustard greens, and stir fry over strong heat. When the mustard greens turn jade and a little transparent on the edge (about 2~3 minutes), add the dried tofu and stir to mix it with the mustard greens. Add the soy sauce and salt, and stir fry to mix again. Turn off the heat when the soy sauce is well blended and evenly colors the other ingredients. There is no need to fry the dried tofu for long, since it is already cooked. Note: the pictured dish used mustard with thick stem, which made the white pieces, and the green ones are the leaf part. If the leafy variety is used, the color will be all green but the taste is the same.


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